I wrote my first book when I was seven.

A book of ABCs, written and illustrated by me, on yellow construction paper, stapled together haphazardly. It was as close to perfect as I could imagine. It was the early days of self publishing.

The first time I recognized the power of storytelling was in fifth grade. During the last week of school, each of us had to write and recite a book report on the last book we'd read for independent reading. Mine happened to be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I wrote a synopsis up to where Harry meets Professor Quirrell by the Mirror of Erised (spoiler alert), and left it as a cliffhanger. The rest of my classed groaned for more, startling me. I felt a fever for fiction.

Throughout middle school and high school, I wrote frequently and read voraciously. I wrote a story about strawberry milk coming from pink cows in the fifth grade; I wrote a mystery about a disappearing family in seventh grade; I wrote what I was certain would be the fourth Jurassic Park film in eighth grade; I read Flowers for AlgernonExtremely Loud & Incredibly Close, the Harry Potter series (several times), The Lovely BonesSnow AngelsThe Perks of Being a WallflowerArtemis FowlThe Wind on Fire TrilogyBastard out of CarolinaLooking for Alaska, and so many more. I studied Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati, focusing on character over plot, but now trying to perfect the two.

I love to write in every way that is available to me. I hope to be a novelist.