"I'm a writer, educator, and editor myself, and Michael has helped me with both personal and work-related pieces. Recently, he helped me edit and revise a collection of short stories that I am sending out for publication. His comments were thorough, insightful, and detailed, and I appreciated that he focused on both sentence-level details like grammar and punctuation along with overarching concerns like narrative flow and character development. Michael has always taken the time to give me focused, constructive feedback when editing my pieces, and I've since sent my collection out thanks to Michael's feedback. I will definitely continue to turn to him when editing future projects!"

-Justine McNulty Fraley, Writer and English Instructor at Albion College


"I've worked with Michael for several years, and he has edited some of my own creative writing projects. His notes are concise and constructive. He knows how to help make my stories better, but he also makes sure to let me know when I've done something well. He's encouraging and professional, and I will ask for his advice with my future creative writing projects."

-McKenzie Graham, Associate Editor for Watercolor Artist and Pastel Journal